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About Us

PT. Dita Utama (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

PT Dita Utama Provide A Reliable Solution In The Field Of Maintenance Service And Repair A Wide Range Of Air Tools, Mechanical Or Electrical. Supported By Professional Technicians And Experienced In Their Field, PT Main Dita Providing Services That Are Innovative, Creative And Effective.

On The Basis Of Our Awareness Of The Importance And Value Of Corporate Assets Such As Equipment Mechanical - Electrical As A Means To Achieve Maximum Productivity, We Hope Our Professional Services Can Support Either Directly Or Indirectly, To Prevent Or Overcome The Existing Problems.

PT Main Dita Always Give A Commitment In Terms Of Improving Quality Of Care By Providing A Guarantee For All The Work That We Have, Do, In Order To Achieve Customer Satisfaction Standards.


Menjadikan layanan profesional sebagai sahabat sejati


Memberikan jasa layanan sebagai solusi bagi dunia usaha organisasi, pemerintah maupun non pemerintah.


Jl. Raya Tegar Beriman Pemda Cibinong No. 27A-B Cibinong Bogor Bogor 16915
Jawa Barat , Indonesia


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