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Compressor oil or lubricant (lube lubricant or often called) is a substance (usually a liquid), which serves to reduce the wear between two moving surfaces rubbing together. A liquid material can be categorized as a lubricant if it contains the basic ingredients (can be oil based or water / glycol based) and the additive package.

Lubricants has a fundamental duty to prevent or reduce wear and tear as a result of direct contact between two metal surfaces rubbing together so that the wear can be reduced, a large force is needed due to friction can be reduced and the heat generated by friction would be reduced. Lubricating oil or air conditioner compressor oil in the system is useful to lubricate the compressor parts to prevent rapid attrition. In addition, the lubricant serves to reduce heat in parts of the compressor. A small portion of the oil mixes with refrigerant compressor, and then go circulates in the cooling system passing through the condenser and evaporator. Therefore, the compressor oil must have special requirements, which are lubricating, resistant to high temperature compressor, has a freezing point renndah, and no negative effect on the nature and components of air conditioning refrigerant path.

Centrifugal Chiller Compressor Oil For R-134A.

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