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Product Specifications: 

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The body is super thin 
energy savings 
low noise 
Reliable and long lifetime 
Elegant and light weight, compact structure. Standing just 220mm, ultrathin design allows the unit to be installed in a relatively narrow space. 
The structure of a flexible design with the air plenum turned back, making it easy to install and change the direction of the plane returned back to the downside than downside to the side or rear. 
Highly efficient heat coil is produced by mechanically expanded copper pipe with aluminum fins hydrophilic open window to make changes to heat more efficiently. Heat transfer efficiency is reinforced with large diameter air supply fan impeller. 
With low-speed forward curve wheel width centrifugal fan axis and low noise, fan coil units run under extremely quiet operation. 
Molding the condensate drain pan without weld and solder joints; Fire-resistant type of thermal insulation plate inserted in the water, completely prevent water leakage phenomenon. Specially designed drain pan with a certain slope quickly help assure the use of condensate water. 

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