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Specification of Air Handling Units BOSCH Brand

Product Specifications: 

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Air Handling Units BOSCH Brand 

High efficiency and energy saving 
High efficiency heat exchangers: heat exchanger patents increase the heat exchange efficiency of 10% - 30% compared with traditional heat exchanger. 
Modular design: efficient use of space and energy savings, reduce the level of air leakage in the unit 
Ultra-thick, heat transfer coefficient is k = 0.02W / m2K, effectively prevent the cold (heat) loss. 
more reliable 
High product quality and advanced technology. 
High quality stainless steel drain pan of water, low temperature welding and anti-corrosion paint. 
Service life of 25 years 
more comfortable 
Various combinations according to the needs of the installation space: horizontal, vertical, upper and lower combined type and the combined type structure. 
The modular design is easy to install 
The internal structure of push and pull type convenient to repair and replace parts 

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