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Mini Air Cooled Chiller Brand BOSCH
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Product Specifications: 

Categories Mini Air Cooled Chiller Brand BOSCH 
High efficiency and environment friendly refrigerant 
The modular design 
Wider Range of Operations 
intelligent control 
all-round protection 
Adopted environmentally friendly R-410A (which only contains fluoride) does not contribute to ozone depletion. 
High efficiency scroll compressor, goes wide range, long serving life, low noise level. 
Wide operating range ensures stable running in different climatic conditions, 15C to 45C to 15C to 25C and cooling to heating. 
Modular design, max. 16 units of free combination. 
High efficiency plate heat exchanger. 
Electronic expansion valve, accurate control. 
Intelligent disbursement by the four-way change-over valve; dilute clean, drain water thoroughly. 
Some protection, more reliable. 

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